Monday, April 23, 2012

Job or career??

"What are your plans after EMS?". I had this question put to me this week while working overtime. Let me just say I'm not anywhere close to retirement so I was a little confused as this person is a fairly new employee and doesn't really know anything about me. I replied that I didn't really have any other plans at the moment. "Oh. I am hoping to medical school." he replied. I continued to read the paper that was lying on the fire house table not really thinking much about it. Later that day I began to think about his question. I thought of how many coworkers had came and left during my career. Had all of them came to EMS looking for a career and just got burned out or where they looking for a paycheck till they for their plans in order. There have always been the people who come for the patient contact hours for PA school or needing a place to work that fit with their schedule for nursing school. How many people come to the job looking for a "job". The question has puzzled me for a few days now. Also is this the new trend in EMS? "the economy is bad so I'll go be am emt till it gets better". The fire and police departments don't seem to have this issue. I have never talked to a firefighter who told me they were just doing this till I get into med school. These guys are lifers. Which brings up another set of questions. What is the difference between the two professions? Is it the benefits? The pay? The management? The brotherhood? (or the lack of but that's another rant). The burn out of getting excited enroute to a call that maybe something good only to find someone who knows how to work the system and answer the questions the way to get everyone there running traffic for a stiff neck? This isn't anything new I suppose. I look back at the people my dad worked with and the pattern was there as well. It just seems to be accelerated. The are new people coming into the profession everyday and they already have their plan on how to get out. Just some things to ponder.

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